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VII. the spell of a ROSE [ beauty and the beast ]

ishh (:
21 July
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The face behind the mirror, layouts, and quirky writings belongs to Yish. Otherwise known as Mint on FP and a variety of other online communities [ FP, We_Ownz_It ] Currently a student of Victoria Junior College, 05A53, Theatre Studies & Drama 2005. Previously from Cedar Girls Secondary School <3, 4C, Guides, Prefectorial Board. A Singaporean by nature, and [ for most of the time ] by heart. She swears by English and has a faltering command of Mandarin [ her second language ], but knows enough to get by, and will be taking up Japanese [ one of her many loves ] come August 2005.

Armed with an incurable and well-hidden wrath, those close to her have known of many instances where her anger has gotten the better of her. Generally nice-natured, but prone to moodswings and bouts of 'I-think-it's-depression'. Doesn't trust anyone, is usually more cynical than needed - a hopeless romantic at heart who doesn't believe in the notion of romantic love. Paradox? You decide.

A girl with many loves, flitting obsessions, and great interests [ e.g. read the Interest list ] Books / Reading / Writing [ one of her first loves ], all things Oriental [ especially in Japanese / China ancient history ], ancient history, forensic science, Photoshop / layouting / designing [ of which she picked up in Sec 3 ]. She loves new discoveries, and travel, and yes, the Discovery Channel. Listens to a wide range of music and indulges in movies.

She aspires to try to be more optimistic each day and not be deterred by the challenges life throws her. Also learning to pick herself up from mistakes made in the past and move on properly from all things undone. Wants to learn a thousand things and be taught two thousand more. Aiming to head to university overseas come 2007 [ UK / US! :D ] to take up History, perhaps Mass Comm, Archaelogy, Philosophy. Wants to be a travel show host, but more realistically, to accomplish her dream of working in Disney Channel Asia [ as a HOST! :) ] or maybe a DJ.

Doesn't trust, but has enough faith to believe [ haha the power of ambiguity is dominant in her life ]. Hence holds those close to her heart very dearly and would pay any price if anything happens to them. Would do anything for her family and friends [ save of murder / crime / the works ], if she regards them so. Loves them enough to aspire to help them seek happiness, even if at her own expense, or when she often doesn't see the light.

Atheistic. With a determination to challenge what is predefined in the world and to see through the false facades of humanity. On the search for the truth, perhaps.

2005 - a year to embark on a new journey, and make changes in her life. Join her in this journey? :]